kora | News | Carmelo: In Ismaily, I was subjected to racism, abuse and threats

1 يونيو، 2022
kora |  News |  Carmelo: In Ismaily, I was subjected to racism, abuse and threats


Bolivia’s Carmelo Algaranias claimed that he was subjected to “racism, harassment and threats” during his time at Ismaily.

Yahya Al-Koumi, the head of Ismaili, had declared to kora.com That his player Carmelo “has escaped without knowing the club” and described him as “the absent”.

And Carmelo published a statement on his accounts on social media, which stated as follows:

“Every beginning has an end, and the moments of separation are always painful, but the moment has come. I announce a unilateral termination of my contract with Ismaili for not complying with the contract details by the club’s management, which does not know how to deal with a professional and international player.

Unfortunately, the management treated me with the most disrespect and lack of professionalism. They did not respect my rights or fulfill their duties.

I’ve always respected the coaches’ decisions despite the fact that they ignored me and forced me to train with the benches for 3 months, they always underestimated me, so I’m not going to talk about the technical issues of the team.

The administration deliberately seized my passport and I have not recovered it until now. I’ve been abused, severely racist, threatened and many other things that I don’t like to talk about now, but fortunately I have enough evidence to prove what I’m saying.

Despite all the difficulties, I would like to thank all the Ismaili fans for the trust, love and support I have had. The club’s fans are completely different from their management, and for this I will always be grateful to them. I wish I could make them happier, but that’s football.

In the end, I hope that the club will realize its mistakes in the future and treat foreign players humanely and professionally and always respect their rights for the sake of this beautiful sport and so that such racist harassment will not be repeated.

Unfortunately I had to test the black face of the club, just as, of course, others have. We foreign players leave our families and our lives hoping for the best. We didn’t come here to be abused or belittled, not even to beg for our pay or the terms of our contracts. But many administrators don’t see it that way and believe that professional players will risk their freedom and be harassed.

I thank the personnel of the Bolivian Embassy in Egypt, the Ambassador, and the Bolivian authorities, for their assistance in returning me to my country.

In the end, I thank all my colleagues in Ismaily for the wonderful times we had as a team, I assure you that I will not forget you.”

“La Razon” newspaper, widely distributed in Bolivia, quoted the allegations of the international striker, who has already returned to his country.

what happened

El-Koumi told kora.com: “We were surprised by the player’s travel because his passport is with us and any professional who comes here is like the one who got a work contract.”

He added, “Carmelo does not participate with the Ismaili and lives in the hotel, eats, drinks and sleeps until his weight has increased significantly and he is unable to play, as he is absent from life.”

He continued, “Carmelo received more than 60% of his financial dues, and the matter has nothing to do with financial matters, as he is in a bad psychological state due to his lack of participation in the matches.”

“We will try to find a solution to this crisis, but at the moment we have nothing in our hands,” he concluded.

The 26-year-old Bolivian player joined Ismaily during the winter transfer window.

He did not participate with Al-Ismaili in the league only in two matches.

He also participated with Al-Ismaili in two matches in the League Cup, and scored two goals, one of them against Al-Ahly.

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