kora | News | Report: Renard watched Messi and his companions against Italy

2 يونيو، 2022
kora |  News |  Report: Renard watched Messi and his companions against Italy


The French coach, Herve Renard, the coach of the Saudi national team, took advantage of the opportunity to face Argentina and Italy to monitor Messi and his companions.

Argentina won a new title after defeating Italy 3-0 at Wembley Stadium in the “Final” or “Finalsma” match, which brings together the champions of the continents of Europe and South America.

According to the Saudi newspaper, Al-Riyadia, Renard sent one of his assistants to Wembley Stadium to follow the Argentina-Italy match.

Renard assigned his assistant to monitor Messi and his companions, describing the Argentine national team as one of the Saudi national team’s competitors in their group in the World Cup 2022,

The Saudi national team is in Group C, along with Argentina, Mexico and Poland.

Lautaro Martins scored the first goal after Lionel Messi’s cross, and Angel Di Maria added the second goal, before Paulo Dybala finished the Tango goals against Gian Luigi Donnarumma.

Argentina have reached 32 games in a row without losing since losing to Brazil in the 2019 Copa America semi-finals.

Tango also achieved a title, and Lionel Messi raised his tally of titles with Argentina to two titles, bringing the number of Messi titles in his career to 40.

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