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2 يونيو، 2022
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Shahanda Al-Maghraby is part of the refereeing team for the Pyramids match in the Egyptian League – photos from the Pyramids media center

The Referees Committee decided to appoint a female referee for the match between Al-Mahalla and Al-Hamam in the final round of the second division of the Bahri Group.

Shahanda Maghribi will moderate the meeting, with help from: Yara Atef and Mona Atallah as assistants, and Nora Samir as the fourth referee.

The same team had previously managed the match between Al-Masry and the Eastern Company in the League Cup this season, which saw the latter win 2-1.

In recent years, the referees committee has been accustomed to assigning a female referee team at the end of each season in the second division.

The trio, Shahanda Al-Maghrabi, Mona Atallah, Yara Atef and Marwa Al-Maghraby, were involved in the Bella and Raja match last season, which ended in a 2-2 draw.

Mona Atallah and Bossi Saeed also participated as assistant referees in the meeting of Bani Obeid and the Border Guards in the 17-18 season, after the guard decided the official boarding.

The municipality of Mahalla occupies fifth place with 48 points.

While Al-Hamam guaranteed to stay after the draw with Al-Majd Al-Iskandari during the last round, as Damanhour, Al-Zarqa, Sayed Al-Mahalla and Al-Raja clubs were relegated.

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