kora | News | Sports Minister: Not honoring Salah at the airport? He did not inform us of his arrival date.. Al-Shorbagy’s decision is unacceptable

7 يونيو، 2022
kora |  News |  Sports Minister: Not honoring Salah at the airport?  He did not inform us of his arrival date.. Al-Shorbagy’s decision is unacceptable


Minister of Youth and Sports Ashraf Sobhi visits the training of the Egyptian national team before facing Senegal

Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, spoke about honoring Mohamed Salah, the star of Egypt and Liverpool, upon his return to the country before facing Guinea in the African Nations Cup qualifiers.

Sobhi said in his statements to MBC Egypt: “Salah did what no one else had done before in Egyptian football, and he is our sports ambassador and his evaluation is great in our hearts.”

He added, “People are wondering about the circumstances of the honor. Salah comes on a private plane and does not inform us of his arrival date, and his Korean colleague, who shared the golden boot of the league (Sun), was greeted at the airport with a shield, and therefore he should have been morally honored.”

He explained, “The significance of the honor is moral and means love. The Egyptian Federation thought about honoring him during training, then preferred to be honored on the field, and the approval of the African Union was taken.”

As for Mohamed El-Shorbagy’s decision to represent the England national team, he said: “In principle, it is not acceptable for that to happen. This player who participated in international tournaments in Egypt and was greatly honored, suddenly tells us that he will play in the name of another country. Of course, we must stand and think and be held accountable and accountable.” Especially when it happens without any premeditation.

He added, “We started a major national project for squash to keep pace with the development of the game in some countries that started attracting senior coaches and offering grants to young players. We realized this early and started offering grants to our children.”

He explained, “We have very patriotic players who traveled and studied in major universities. Ali Farag, our hero, the first ranked, traveled and studied at Harvard University and came back holding on to Egypt and his patriotism.”

He continued, “We have Mustafa Asal, a graduate of the Arab Academy and the fourth in the world. Tarek Moamen is a graduate of the American University and the sixth in the world, among others.”

The minister continued, “We have players such as Nouran Gohar and Hania Al-Hamami, graduates of the American University, and Nour El-Sherbiny, a graduate of the Arab Academy, all of them have a high level of education and are committed to their country.”

Regarding the procedures that will be followed in this case, Sobhi said: “We must see what the issue is first. We are studying everything and we will not talk about the procedures now.”

Finally, about the information that 6 other players are close to naturalization, he concluded, “We are investigating this matter and we will not leave anything behind, and we have succeeded in reducing this phenomenon since 2018. We are the country that honors its children the most.”

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