kora | News | The Ismaili striker injured his cruciate ligament

1 يونيو، 2022
kora |  News |  The Ismaili striker injured his cruciate ligament


The Ismaili club announced that Abu Bakr Hamza Al-Jamal, the striker of the first football team, had cut the cruciate ligament in the knee, after the results of the x-rays he underwent appeared.

Thus, the young player’s season with the Dervishes ends, and he is absent from the stadiums for more than 6 months.

Abu Bakr will undergo surgery in the coming hours, after which he will enter the treatment and rehabilitation program in preparation for returning to training.

The player was injured during his participation with his team in a friendly match against Al-Tal Al-Kabeer, which was held yesterday afternoon, Tuesday, at the Ismailia Stadium, in preparation for the General League and the League of Professional Clubs Cup competitions.

Abu Bakr was promoted to the Ismaili first team this season, and he is the son of Hamza El-Gamal, the coach of the Dervishes.

Ismaily will play against the Arab Contractors on June 17 in the Egyptian League.

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