Sports kora | It is not a surprise .. 3 reasons for dropping Al-Ahly with three goals against Smouha in the league

30 يونيو، 2022
Sports kora |  It is not a surprise .. 3 reasons for dropping Al-Ahly with three goals against Smouha in the league×439/3791463751656545069.jpg

09:56 am | Thursday 30 June 2022

Al-Ahly and Smouha

The fall of Al-Ahly against Smouha, with three goals against two, in the meeting that brought them together in the 23rd round of the Egyptian League competitions, yesterday, Wednesday, was not logical, in light of the accumulation of reasons that made the loss in any of the matches not surprising.

Al-Ahly fans and the technical staff enter every match and put their hands on their hearts for fear of any stumbling that might keep them away from the marathon of competition for the league title, which the Red Genie fears losing for the second year in it. Row.

3 reasons Al-Ahly was dropped in front of Smouha

“Goal Al Arab” monitors 3 reasons why Al-Ahly fell into the trap of defeat against Smouha logically, and not a shock to the fans with the red ball.

frequent absence

“Al-Ahly Hospital”, the name given by the fans to what is happening to its players over the past years, and it was attended strongly this season, in particular, especially since the team was unable to follow up on the injuries that abandoned its basic elements. one after another.

The Red Genie suffered, in the absence of a complete team in the face of Smouha, and on top of them were the six: Ahmed Abdel Qader, Mahmoud Waheed, Percy Tau, Louis Michoni, Ammar Hamdi, and Akram Tawfiq, as well as the exclusion of Amr. The top of the stress list.

defense collapse

A state of confusion in Al-Ahly’s defense and goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawy, over the course of 4 matches, as defensive errors played a major role in Smouha’s three-goal lead, which made Al-Ahmar’s mission to return with the result almost impossible. .

Question marks about Al-Ahly’s disastrous defensive performance match after match, which emerges as a hero of the stumbling scene in any meeting, while the unsatisfactory performance of the back line hides behind every victory Al-Ahly achieves.

sulfur consistency

And Smouha was on a date with luck, after the circumstances served him to confront Al-Ahly, in a period of severe physical deterioration, as it was the last match that the Alexandria team played before facing the Red Genie, on June 16.

On the other hand, Al-Ahly played 3 matches in 10 days, the fourth of which was against Smouha, in addition to two decisive confrontations against Zamalek and Pyramids, which made tension one of the main reasons for Al-Ahly’s loss of 3 new. Point in the competition for the league title.

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