Sports kora | The secret of Mohamed Salah and Wijnaldum’s session .. Will the pharaoh move to Paris Saint-Germain?

30 يونيو، 2022
Sports kora |  The secret of Mohamed Salah and Wijnaldum’s session .. Will the pharaoh move to Paris Saint-Germain?×439/3052900051656572081.jpg

09:37 AM | Thursday 30 June 2022

Mohamed Salah and Wijnaldum

A state of widespread controversy caused by the photo that brought together Mohamed Salah, the star of Liverpool and the national team, with his former colleague in the Reds, Jenny Wijnaldum, the Paris Saint-Germain player, which the duo published through their accounts on social media, during the vacation period that precedes the start of preparations for the new season. .

Mohamed Salah and Wijnaldum stir controversy

With the appearance of the duo, speculation began about their fate, as the name of Mohamed Salah was associated with leaving Liverpool, due to the failure of the red team’s management, to reach a point of agreement, requiring him to continue with the team and renew it. The contract, due to adherence not to break the club’s salary ceiling, in light of talks about the interest of many clubs to obtain his services, including Paris Saint-Germain, on the other hand, Dutchman Jenny Wijnaldum did not reach his goal with the Parisian team, so he will look for a new destination, And that might be a return to Anfield Castle.

The secret of Salah and Wijnaldum meeting in the Maldives

The British newspaper, “Liverpool Echo”, highlighted the reasons for the duo’s meeting with each other, at this time, as speculation abounded about their fate, stressing that the session had nothing to do with the fate of any of the duo, and it came. Coincidentally, because Mohamed Salah spent part of his vacation in the Maldives, which also happens to be the Dutchman in the same place.

Several reports indicated that Liverpool is considering returning the services of Ginny Wijnaldum, after the crisis caused by his absence from the team, by his decision to move to Paris Saint-Germain, to contract him on loan, for one season.

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